Discover Cards Run Into Technical Issues


Throughout the United States, many people do their banking with Discover. It’s one of the main financial service providers, right up there with Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. With Discover, people often have savings accounts, checking accounts, or all of the above.

Unfortunately, even the best and most in-demand companies run into problems sometimes. On Monday, many Americans who rely upon Discover found themselves not being able to access their cards or accounts as they should.

This issue has since garnered widespread attention and generated many complaints, thereby prompting swift action on the end of Discover.

What happened with Discover?

Discover customers ran into issues with not just their cards, but also with the company’s customer service number and website. This all, therefore, led to Discover users contacting the financial provider via social media in order to get help.

Later in the day on Monday, Discover stated it was aware of the problems customers were having. However, there was not a clear explanation provided as to what happened, why the problem persisted, or why it was so widespread.