Disinfecting drones and robots are hard at work trying to minimize coronavirus risk

Disinfecting drones
Image is a screenshot from Lucid Drone Technologies video of D1 Disinfecting Drone

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have all been trying to stay safe. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which has 71,000 seating capacity is claiming to be the first professional sports venue to use disinfecting drones to ensure the safety of people who will watch upcoming games. 

On October 11, the Atlanta Falcons will play against the Carolina Panthers at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which will welcome a limited number of fans to watch the game.

Lucid Drone Technologies, a startup based in Charlott, North Carolina provided a pair of disinfecting drones to the Mercedez-Benz Stadium.

The two drones will be flying all around the stadium to disinfect the fan’s seats and other areas where there is the potential for infection. The purpose-built machines use 4 electrostatic spraying nozzles to send out nontoxic chemicals.

The Lucid disinfecting drones are reminiscent of the EHang firefighting drones. With a few important differences.

Rather than conventional pressure-spray nozzles, the stadium drones are equipped with positive-charged nozzles. This helps ensure a wider spray area of the disinfectant.  These disinfectants will then be attracted to all negatively-charged surfaces. Surfaces already covered with the disinfectant will repel the spray, making for a very efficient.