DNA points to guilt in 1990s case where man found not-guilty


Investigators in 2021 did a “differential extraction” DNA test for this case, which separates sperm cells from other types of cells, said Professor Krane. 

Hayes was convicted of killing another woman

Hayes, now 58, is in state prison in New York serving 15 to 45 years for manslaughter in the 1987 murder of Dickenson, a horse groomer at the Vernon Downs racetrack where she and Hayes both worked.

Prosecutors said Hayes was working the track circuit when he was seen with Albertson immediately before her death. And he also had “discovered” Dickenson’s body 3-years-earlier.

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In the Dickenson murder case in 2004, Hayes pleaded guilty to manslaughter, arson, and burglary.

Hayes will be eligible for parole in 2025. And Broward County authorities would like to prevent his release.

The former death row inmate cannot be tried again for the Albertson’s murder. Since a jury said he was not-guilty. 

Since the second trial, Hayes has been celebrated as a wrongfully convicted man. He is one of the few exonerated death row inmates. And the story of his now questionable “innocence” can be seen in the CourtTV movie “The Exonerated.”