DNC Catches Heat for Treatment of Tulsi Gabbard


The DNC is no stranger to criticism for how they conduct themselves, especially during primary elections. Americans on both sides of the aisle have taken aim at the organization for what they view as underhanded and sneaky tactics. However, this has not stopped Democrat elites from moving as they see fit. Now, they are once again in the hot seat.

Earlier this week, the DNC announced its decision to increase the bar for requirements to appear on debate stages. This shift also happens just as 2020 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard reaches the current delegate mandate to debate her fellow rivals.

As such, Americans are censuring the DNC, claiming that the organization’s true agenda lies in keeping Gabbard off the stage.

A Closer Look at Criticism Against the DNC

On Tuesday, Xochitl Hinojosa, communications director of the DNC, announced that since there are two more debates, attendance requirements will surge. Hinojosa painted this decision as a natural decision of the DNC, but many people just aren’t buying it. The timing of the announcement is convenient, especially in light of Gabbard winning a delegate from American Samoa on Super Tuesday.

The DNC’s track record of altering requirements to help other candidates make it on stage is another factor here. During Mike Bloomberg’s time as a presidential candidate, the DNC removed the donor requirement to appear on the debate stage, thus clearing the path for the self-funding Democrat. As such, it’s not a great stretch to believe that the DNC would intentionally up the bar to block certain candidates.

Some of the most critical responses to the DNC communications director’s tweet read as follows:

Tulsi Gabbard vs. the Democrat Establishment

Since the inception of her candidacy, Tulsi Gabbard has sparred with the Democrat establishment. This battle reached new heights towards the end of 2019 when Hillary Clinton branded the war veteran as a “Russian asset.” A fiery response from Gabbard ensued, coupled with a lawsuit after Clinton’s refusal to retract her unproven statements.

Gabbard has also managed to outlast a significant amount of now-former 2020 Democrats; these Democrats include, but aren’t limited to, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, etc.