Donald Trump Officially Announces Re-Election Campaign


Yesterday, President Donald Trump traveled to Orlando, Florida in order to announce his official re-election campaign.

Per the president’s own words, his new slogan for 2020 is Keep America Great.

Everything You Need to Know about the Re-Election Campaign

The president hosted the rally in Orlando, Florida with Vice President Mike Pence, First Lady Melania Trump, and the rest of his family. Following opening statements from Pence and the first lady, President Trump took the stage. The commander-in-chief first began by discussing how he became president in addition to progress made during his time in office.

Tax reform, criminal justice reform and the betterment of the economy are some points which truly resonated with Trump’s base. Also, the president discussed the criticality of small government which serves the American people. Another subject of conversation centered around the Russia investigation and Democrats’ determination to continue with probes of various natures.

In the president’s own words: