“Don’t Campaign for Me” Say Some Republican Candidates

Dan David

President Trump is the most powerful weapon of the Republican Party. But the GOP is fighting to defend its Senate and House majorities, and Trump is not wildly accepted everywhere.

Some candidates of the Republican Party are concerned that President could do less good than harm if he campaigns on their behalf.


Dan David, a Republican candidate for Congress, said that he would prefer if the President would keep doing his job while he did his. He made this statement when reporters asked his thoughts about Trump visiting his district.

David also said that he thinks that the President has a lot of special prosecutor investigations and foreign affairs that he has to deal with. He said that the quality of his team is what will determine if he wins or loses.


The White House’s current strategy for Trump is to focus on campaigning and fundraising in states key in to controlling the Senate. They include Montana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Missouri. This information comes from an anonymous person who’s familiar with the strategy.

Mike Pence, Vice President, will be involved in House races and Senate efforts in more rural areas. The reason is that such areas are more difficult for the President to reach.

The Results

Steven Law is the head of the Senate Leadership Fund. He said that early midterm efforts that Trump made have been positive. Many expect Law’s committee to spend millions of dollars to help Senate Republicans in 2018.

Law said that he can’t use Trump everywhere because of the possible risk in some places. He added that he thinks that the White House is very aware of how to deploy Trump. He has a good feeling about the elections.

Questions from the American People:

Will Trump refraining from campaigning for some candidates be effective? Or will voters still connect Republican candidates to their opinion of the President?

Is the nation ready to overthrow the Republican majority? Or has Trump’s efforts in North Korea bolstered bipartisan support for the party?

Jim Samuel

Then you lose

Marshall Ryder Neal

Then you are not a conservative. You are a neo-con left of center. You are in the WRONG party.