Dr. Joel Singer: Stem cells offer hope for aging baby boomers suffering from arthritis


By 2015 Arthritis Research UK was already investing £5 million into stem cell research and they’ve seen promising results. Clinical trials are ongoing, but these methods are already being used to help athletes recover from knee injuries faster.  Similar studies are being conducted in France, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

Asia and Australia

Great strides are being made in other areas of the world as well. Some of the most advanced research into stem cell therapy has been conducted in Asia and Australia has had a great deal of success as well. Leading Australian pharmaceutical companies are conducting research to determine just how effective regenerative stem cell therapy really is for treating rheumatoid arthritis. Patients who’ve had the treatment were still relatively pain free after two years.

Standard steroid injections used today to treat arthritis only last about 6 months. In as many as 40 percent of all cases, they don’t work at all. The success rate of stem cell injections seems to be much higher so far, which is encouraging for both doctors and patients.

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What’s Happening in the US?

As promising as all of these ongoing trials and studies around the world are, some of the biggest steps are happening right here in the US. US universities, such as Stanford are conducting research that’s cutting edge.

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Dr. Joel Singer
Dr. Joel Singer is a board certified plastic surgeon and the medical director at Park Avenue Stem Cell in New York, New York. He is leading researcher in stem cell treatments and treatment for chronic conditions which do not respond to traditional medical treatments. Park Avenue Stem Cell is one of the first clinics in New York City to use stem cell treatments on chronic pain. Dr. Singer has 30 years of medical experience focused on plastic surgery. Dr. Singer studied chemistry and biology at Queens College, The City University of New York. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from Yale School of Medicine and completed residencies at Yale New Haven Medical Center and Rhode Island Brown University Hospital. He later earned an M.B.A from George Washington School of Business.