Dr. Joel Singer: Stem cells offer hope for aging baby boomers suffering from arthritis


Because stem cell procedures can regenerate the body’s own tissue and cartilage, return visits could become a thing of the past. Some early patients that have received stem cell injections have gone for more than two years with no ill effects. For the first time in history, there seems to be real cause for optimism that we’re nearing a cure for chronic pain from arthritis.

Leading the Way

Some of the greatest progress towards a cure for chronic pain is taking place in New York City. The Park Avenue Stem Cell Therapy Center opened its doors in 2015 and it’s providing patients stem cell treatments to alleviate chronic pain today.

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The clinic uses a new technique called stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which extracts stem cells from the patient’s own fat deposits or adipose. The stem cells are then injected into the patient with the objective of regenerating the damaged areas around joints that are usually the source of their chronic pain.

The technique is like those being used elsewhere, but what makes this clinic unique is that it’s part of a network of physicians that are sharing ideas with the goal of improving techniques. If we’re actually going to eliminate chronic pain, it’s going to take this type of collaborative effort.  The prospect of a future without arthritis has never seemed more real.

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Dr. Joel Singer
Dr. Joel Singer is a board certified plastic surgeon and the medical director at Park Avenue Stem Cell in New York, New York. He is leading researcher in stem cell treatments and treatment for chronic conditions which do not respond to traditional medical treatments. Park Avenue Stem Cell is one of the first clinics in New York City to use stem cell treatments on chronic pain. Dr. Singer has 30 years of medical experience focused on plastic surgery. Dr. Singer studied chemistry and biology at Queens College, The City University of New York. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from Yale School of Medicine and completed residencies at Yale New Haven Medical Center and Rhode Island Brown University Hospital. He later earned an M.B.A from George Washington School of Business.