Dealing with internet trolls when reporting news, C. Colin Houck


Earlier today the USA Herald was the first to report definitively that Willie Taggart would announce that he is the new head football coach at FSU.

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Immediately after reporting this we were bombarded by hateful tweets calling our report fake news.   One example comes from C. Colin Houck:

Then, 3 hours later, Willie Taggart confirmed with ESPN that he accepted the job at FSU:

You would think that after our report was confirmed that C. Colin Houck would stop calling our report “fake news.”    Instead, Houck doubles down:

I wonder if C. Colin Houck comports himself like this in his every day course of work.   He seems like the kind of rude, negative person that most people try to avoid in life.

At any rate, we challenged Houck to find any story before ours that confirmed that Taggart was going to make the annoucement today that he accepted the job as head coach at FSU:

We haven’t heard anything back from Houck yet and would gladly take down this article if he will send us a link to an article that confirmed the announcement prior to our article running: