Ducey Certifies Election, But It Is Still Not Over


The legal team representing the campaign of President Donald Trump has made its case in Arizona and it has raised some major questions.

But while the hearings were underway the state’s governor, Doug Ducey, certified the election results at the same time serious allegations were being made.

“Arizona has certified the official canvass results of the 2020 general election. Gov. Doug Ducey, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Attorney General Mark Brnovich & Chief Justice Robert M. Brutinel were in attendance for the canvass and signing of document,” journalist Sean Previl reported.

“This certified the victories for both president-elect Joe Biden and incoming Sen. Mark Kelly in the state, the latter who will be sworn in on Wednesday.

“Hobbs’ & Ducey’s offices also prepared the Certificates of Ascertainment for Presidential Electors, the Certificate of Election for U.S. senator & proclamation by Gov. Ducey declaring the ballot measures approved by the voters. Ducey & Hobbs then signed each document,” he said.

President Trump expressed his fury at Gov. Ducey on Twitter and he shared tweets of others, including yours truly, who criticized the governor.

“Why is he rushing to put a Democrat in office, especially when so many horrible things concerning voter fraud are being revealed at the hearing going on right now. @OANN What is going on with @dougducey? Republicans will long remember!” he said.

“Watching the Arizona hearings and then watching Gov. Ducey sign those papers, why bother voting for Republicans if what you get is Ducey and Kemp?” I said.

But all is not lost. The Arizona governor said that he will not certify the actual electors until after all of the election challenges are resolved.

“This does not mean Biden will receive the state’s electoral votes. Certification triggers the right to contest the election, the Governor has said he won’t certify electors until litigation is resolved, legislators can still send their own electors, and Congress can still object<” attorney Robert Barnes said.

Witnesses at the Arizona hearings on Monday raised some significant concerns about what happened during the vote counting in the state.

One witness said that the signature on ballots “didnt even resemble, in any way” what they were matching it to. The witnesses said that the signatures were “completely illegible” but he  was told not to worry about it.

“They thought they were done [counting ballots] and then more truck loads of ballots were coming in. I’m like, ‘how can you not know how many ballots are still out there?’” another witness said.

Former New York City Mayor and current attorney for the president’s campaign, Rudy Giuliani, challenged the Arizona state legislatures to risk their careers to stand for fairness.

“Your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America,” he said.