Ehave at the forefront of Canada’s medical cannabis transformation


For instance, although there are hundreds of strains of marijuana aimed at curing specific ailments, the majority of doctors today dismiss marijuana as a choice to their patients simply because they don’t have the right information and know-how.

Ehave aims to change this; the company has created a platform that will bridge the knowledge gap between medical professionals and marijuana education, all done by using a data-driven approach. Ehave Connect, the company’s mental health informatics platform, provides a suite of data-rich patient management and assessment tools that may enable more accurate and efficient study of medical cannabis and help establish objective treatment guidelines that Physicians can rely upon when prescribing cannabis therapies.

“The large and emerging medical cannabis industry is in desperate need of a technology platform to capture and deliver reliable clinical data to satisfy the needs of patients, clinicians, regulators, and payors,” said Prateek Dwivedi, President and CEO of Ehave. “We’re excited to initiate our work with a company of MedReleaf’s stature and prominence in the industry, which will serve as an important first step in showcasing how Ehave Connect will be able to support the development and use of medical cannabis for the full breadth of indications where such therapies are applied.”