Elon Musk May Not Purchase Twitter After All


For years on end, censorship levels on Twitter have grown. Many conservatives continue to face censorship, account suspensions, and other penalties not inflicted upon their left-wing counterparts.

Naturally, Twitter denies redacting users based on their politics; however, there have been leaked videos of Twitter employees that tell quite a different story.

Amid all the censorship and controversy surrounding Twitter and its policies, Tesla CEO Elon Musk began taking steps to purchase the company. Musk also confirmed that upon acquiring the social media site, he’d uphold free speech on the platform.

However, it has since come out that Musk may not go through with buying Twitter after all.

Why the acquisition deal could fall apart

The contention between Musk and Twitter ultimately boils down to spam bots on the site. Thus far, Twitter claims only 5% of its accounts fall under the spam bot category; although, Musk doesn’t appear to believe this.

At the moment, the Tesla CEO’s team has put a pin in conversations with investors. His legal team also isn’t able to confirm on its own end that Twitter’s reported rate of spam bots is accurate.