Elon Musk says Apple car battery design is “strange” and “electrochemically impossible”

Elon Musk and Tim Cook
Elon Musk and Tim Cook

Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday that he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple when the Model 3 program was in its “darkest days” but the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook refused to meet him.

Musk’s tweet was in response to a Reuters report regarding Apple’s electric self-driving car aspirations and its new battery technology.

Apple is reportedly developing a breakthrough monocell battery design that will give its self-driving car an advantage over other electric vehicles (EVs).

According to the report, Apple’s monocell battery design involves individual cells in the battery pack to free up space by eliminating pouches and modules inside the battery pack.  The design depends on lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which is less likely to overheat and safer.

However,  Musk thinks the Cupertino-based tech giant’s battery design is “strange”  and “electrochemically impossible.”

He tweeted, “Tesla is already using iron-phosphate batteries in its vehicles, and monocell design is electrochemically impossible because the battery can’t produce a high enough max voltage to be usable.