Starlink has Set Up a Satellite Base in the Irish Sea


Starlink, the space internet mega project that was created in 2015 by the billionaire Elon Musk is setting up a “ground station” on a tiny island in the Irish Sea. The project is run by Musk’s space transportation firm. It is set to help the company release internet from satellites in Low-Earth orbit to homes and offices.

The Telegraph first reported about the Starlink Isle of Man ground station late last month and it can be seen on the official website. Furthermore, according to the government of the Isle of Man, the internet company has been working with local communications provider Bluewave. The two companies even licensed several of the island’s spectrums.

The Irish company Bluewave has a ground station situated in the capital of Douglas. The station can be spotted from Google Maps. Moreover, Bluewave has acquired the site last year from SES Satellite Leasing. Furthermore, according to a local source related to the satellite industry, these are structural, weatherproof enclosures that protect a radar antenna, which sends and receives data transmissions.