Emergency Abortion Ban: Health Crisis Spurs Texas Mom to Leave Texas for Procedure


In a recent and controversial case, Kate Cox, a 31-year-old mother of two from Dallas, Texas, found herself at the center of a legal battle that challenged the Lone Star State’s restrictive emergency abortion ban. And she ended up leaving Texas for an emergency abortion.

Amid legal complexities and threats of prosecution from Attorney General Paxton, Cox, a married mother, felt she had no choice but to leave her home state in search of time-sensitive abortion care necessary to safeguard her health and future fertility. 

‘After a week of legal whiplash and threats of prosecution from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, our client Kate Cox has been forced to flee her home state of Texas to get the time-sensitive abortion care needed to protect her health and future fertility,’ the Center for Reproductive Rights confirmed on social media.

The Legal Battle: Emergency Abortion Blocked by Texas Supreme Court – USA Herald

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