Everything is mystical says the Mexican President


Some people are still known to leave small offerings to appease them. 

The ancient Mayan civilization reached its height from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D. on the Yucatan Peninsula. And was also thriving in adjacent parts of Central America. 

The Mayas’ descendants continue to live on the peninsula. And many of them still speak the Mayan language and wear traditional clothing.

The peninsula is trying to maintain and conserve traditional foods, crops, religion, and medicine practices, despite the conquest by the Spanish between 1527 and 1546.

Maya train project where everything is mystical 

President López Obrador has long expressed reverence for indigenous cultures and beliefs. Engineers and workers are currently in the Yucatan peninsula, constructing a tourist train that is the president’s pet project.

 The Maya Train is a railway that is expected to be nearly 1,000 miles long and has been pitched as a way to develop Mexico’s poorest region.

Regardless of the president’s intent, the post has sparked discussion about the importance of preserving indigenous cultures and beliefs.