New Study Sounds the Alarm About Inconsistent Sleep Patterns


Recent years have seen a lot more attention directed toward people’s health, the choices they make that are most conducive to a good life, and more. This is especially true for people who are older in age and therefore more vulnerable to certain medical complications.

With the heightened focus on health and lifestyle habits comes various surveys and studies that provide valuable insight. Now, some of the latest data making waves pertains to sleep, its frequency, and the consequences of inconsistent sleep patterns.

Many Americans may be shocked to learn about the information revealed in the following study.

Consistency matters big time

Upon review, the American Heart Association determined that folks who fail to go to bed and wake up at the same time on a consistent basis face a highlier likelihood of health problems like coronary artery disease or higher blood pressure.

Moreover, similar problems can emerge within individuals who suffer from sleep disruptions.

The American Heart Association arrived at this conclusion after reviewing over 2,000 adults’ sleeping habits and patterns for one week. In order to track this data, each of the adults wore watches that recorded their levels of oxygen and body movements.