Ex Uber exec Fraser Robinson sued for allegedly stealing trade secrets to form a company backed by Jeff Bezos

Former Uber Exec. Fraser Robinson
Source: Beacon

Vanguard Logistics Services sued former Uber executive Fraser Robinson for allegedly stealing trade secrets and launching a logistics start-up named Beacon, which raised money from two tech titans, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt

Vanguard is a California-based logistics and shipping company with intimate ties in Uber Freight, a spinoff brand launched by Uber.  Robinson led Uber’s business in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East from 2014-2018.

According to the lawsuit, Robinson allegedly sought and built a relationship with Vanguard using Uber Freight. He then used that relationship to steal Vanguard’s proprietary information and then establish his own business, Beacon.

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In late 2017, Robinson stepped down from Uber along with a handful of other executives following a data breach and claims of a toxic culture.  However, it is unknown if Robinson is directly tied to these complaints.

Robinson’s company Beacon is a digital freight forwarding platform that successfully raised $15 million in capital from Bezos and Schmidt’s venture capital firm 8VC as well as from former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.