Facebook Maintains Ban Against Trump’s Account


Interestingly enough, the Facebook Oversight Board did not limit its remarks to just former President Trump. The group furthermore stated that Facebook actually violated its own rules by announcing an “indefinite” ban against Trump’s account; after noting that Facebook’s content management policies don’t include indefinite bans on accounts, the board called for Facebook to make a final decision within six months.

This decision can entail a ban on Trump’s account with a timeframe for restoration; another alternative is shutting down Trump’s account for good as other social media sites have.

Response from Trump on the Facebook Oversight Board’s ruling

Shortly after the Facebook Oversight Board released its public statement, Trump shared some public remarks of his own. The former president slammed the ruling as an “embarrassment” and “total disgrace” to America.

After declaring that the radical left is fearful of truth, Trump pronounced that the truth will come out. The 45th president also stated that social networking sites such as Facebook must pay a “political price”; this arrived shortly before Trump slammed the “decimation” and “destruction” of the U.S. electoral process.