Family of Ex-DOE Staffer Sam Brinton Claims No Abuse or Conversion Therapy 


The now disgraced former Biden official’s family is going public. And pushing back on a decade of the Sam Brinton claims of childhood abuse. Brinton’s younger sister, Rachel Brinton, told The New York Post that the family has experienced death threats and harassment for years.

According to Rachel, the family was Southern Baptists, but her parents were never violent towards Sam. And none of their three children were ever abused.

Sam Brinton, 35, identifies as genderfluid and uses them/they pronouns.

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Non-binary Sam Brinton called themselves a “survivor” of conversion therapy where they were tortured. Brinton was the first person to testify before the United Nations Convention against Torture about the experience in 2014.

Sam Brinton claims made a career

The Former Biden Department of Energy official Sam Brinton claims to have suffered beatings by their father. They also said they were threatened with a gun to their head. And also forced to go into conversion therapy.

“I’m in this constant state of fear,” Brinton previously insisted. “My dad has held a gun up to my head multiple times.”