Fans Celebrate Superman Day 2021 With Action Comics #1035


2021 marks 8 years that Action Comics has been celebrating Superman Day. The Comicbook maker is sharing more beautiful illustrations and innovative storylines. On June 12th the cover art for Action Comics #1035 was released. The issue was illustrated by Daniel Sampere.

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Sampere recently appeared on Tasmin’s podcast. Tasmin is known as a Superman super-fan, collector, Youtuber, blogger, and U.K. podcast host. Podcast Host in the UK. 

“Daniel is the current artist for Action Comics and his work is simply beautiful, take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me!” Tasmin claims.

In his Tweet, Sampere wrote, “I’ve been allowed to share our new cover for Action Comics 1035! I had to remove the headline on the newspaper for this version to avoid BIG spoilers. What it will be? Happy #SupermanDay everyone!” The artist also revealed that the colorwork on the cover was done by Alejandro Sánchez. And the latest book script was written by Phillip K. Johnson.

The illustrator posted an image of the comic’s cover on his Twitter account. The colorful inks depict Superman’s son being consoled on a porch by his Mother Lois Lane-Kent. He is looking down his feet, where a newspaper lies. A reflection in the window behind them clearly shows Superman flying away into a twilight sky.

DC Entertainment established the first Superman Day in 2013. At that time it was known as “Man of Steel Day.” The day was celebrated as the  DC Extended Universe film Man of Steel was being released. 

For the first celebration, DC Entertainment was partnering with comic book stores, online sites, and other retailers in the US. Free copies of All-Star Superman #1 Special Edition, were made widely available. And there were lots of other fan-favorite Superman-themed goodies given to the fans.