Fears of COVID-19 Drop to All-Time Lows in 2021


The past year has allowed the nation to become a lot more familiar with COVID-19. What was once a mysterious virus is now one that Americans know poses a mild threat to the young and healthy, as opposed to older and sicker individuals.

More knowledge about the virus coupled with the availability of three different vaccine brands has changed things. For starters, more Americans are eager to go out and live normally as they did pre-coronavirus. Others have grown exasperated with questionable guidance from health officials. Leaders who issue edicts only to later breach these edicts are also a factor in public exasperation.

Earlier today, a new Gallup poll focusing on COVID-19 came out. This poll showed that fears of coronavirus now are much lower than they were one year ago.

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A closer look at the present-day perception of coronavirus in America

Gallup’s latest poll showed that only 20% of Americans think that COVID-19 is the most pressing issue in the United States. This marks a steep 25% decline from people who viewed coronavirus as the nation’s most critical problem back in April 2020.

Since releasing the aforementioned poll, Gallup has provided reasons for the shift in public perception. One factor is the nationwide distribution of coronavirus vaccines; another factor includes an overall reduction in concerns about catching the virus altogether.

Aside from COVID-19, individuals surveyed by Gallup cited the government, the economy, race relations, and immigration as pressing issues in the United States. Each of these hot button issues has various political undertones and remains heavily debated to this day.

Life after COVID-19 in the United States

The cornoavirus vaccine is turning out to be very impactful as Americans work to reach life after COVID-19.

For instance, some businesses and universities are mandating that their staffers, workers, and attendees take the vaccine; however, other faciltiies are steering clear of this course of action.

Secondly, debates about coronavirus vaccine passports are still very much a factor. Left-wing Americans overwhelmingly believe that life after COVID-19 should include vaccine passports. Meanwhile, conservatives and right-wingers are strongly against the privacy violations, potential for a social credit system, and other problems vaccine passports would engender.

Finally, Americans learned this week that Pfizer should have a COVID-19 pill that’s available to the general public by the end of 2021.