GOP Leaders Unload on Biden Ahead of His Joint Address to Congress


Later this evening, President Joe Biden will deliver a joint address before Congress.

During his speech, the 46th president is going to announce his American Families Plan. Under this bill, the government would fund children’s preschool and other initiatives; Republicans have already come out against the leftist American Families Plan, explaining that it gives the government way too much control in the lives of Americans.

After Biden’s remarks before Congress, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott shall deliver the GOP’s rebuttal. However, Republicans aren’t holding back in currently calling out Biden for his shortcomings as president.

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Earlier today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Biden’s first 100 days in office as disastrous and an utter failure.

Leader McConnell on President Biden’s job in the White House

On the floor of the Senate this morning, McConnell stated that Biden has thus far failed on a litany of issues. McConnell specifically called out Biden’s disruption of 11K Keystone pipeline jobs, the ongoing border crisis, passing a $1.9 trillion spending package with zero GOP support, and more.

The Senate Minority Leader then explained that Biden broke his vow to be the president for all Americans, rather than just Democrats. In fact, McConnell stated that as time passed into Biden’s presidency, he gradually embraced “catnip” for his far-left base, rather than the unity he spoke about on January 20.

Before wrapping up, McConnell stated that Biden and Democrats in Congress are seeking to pass as many bills as possible before Republicans can regain control of Congress. Already, the GOP is widely expected to take back the House of Representatives; meanwhile, the Senate is also in reach for Republicans.

Other Republican leaders on Biden’s first 100 days

Leader McConnell is far from the only GOP leader who fails to approve of Biden.

Days ago, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also censured the leadership of the Democrat president. McCarthy explained that Biden is a “bait and switch” president. The House Minority Leader noted that Biden’s “bait” entailed his vow to govern in a bipartisan manner; however, the “switch” arrived when the president embraced socialism over working with the GOP.

Thus far, Biden has not presented a single bill that’s garnered true bipartisan support. Furthermore, the Democrat president appears in no rush to change this.