Federal Trade Commission Freezes Health Insurance Scam


Exit polls from last week’s election indicate that health care was the number one issue for voters. These findings suggest that consumers are still struggling to find adequate and reliable health care insurance coverage.

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Health care has been an ongoing issue amongst policymakers and lawmakers alike for quite some time and this is no shock to the general public. Unfortunately, however, as scammers have caught onto consumer’s desperation in finding coverage: the FTC is warning people to be cautious.

The Federal Trade Commission has recently secured a court order temporarily shutting down an insurance scam operation that was based out of Florida. This unlawful operation has sold consumers bogus policies, amounting to almost $100 million dollars total.

A federal judge has suspended the operation of Simple Health Plans LLC, its owner and other entities involved until the case can be heard and tried. The Federal Trade Commission wishes to permanently shut down the company and protect consumers.