Feinstein Maintains Big Lead against de León in Senate Race

Obama Endorses Feinstein

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein maintains a huge lead in her re-election bid against her fellow Democrat and California State Senator Kevin de León.

According to the latest poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, 46 percent of all likely voters favor Feinstein while 24 percent support de León.

Take note that Feinstein is ahead by almost 2 to 1. The poll shows that she remains the favorite of California voters.

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The state Democratic Party’s endorsement of de León had little impact or did not change voters’ perception towards Feinstein. Among Democratic likely voters, 66 percent support the U.S. senator while 22 percent back the state senator.

She also enjoys a huge margin among independent voters and all ethnic groups in all regions of the state. 

de León’s attempt to unseat Feinstein is a long shot

It appears that voters followed former President Brack Obama’s advice to re-elect Feinstein to the U.S. Senate. In May, Obama encouraged Californians to join him in supporting her. He described her as “an indispensable leader for California” and “America’s most effective champions for progress to the Senate.”

Pepe Graveline

She should resign along with Pelosi and Waters .

Jim Samuel

She will raise taxes

Tony Kohl

Voters wake up make a change for the better

Bob Hissam

And the craziness continues!!