Feinstein: No on Spending Bill unless DACA Fix, CHIP Funding is Included


Yesterday, a group of bipartisan governors asked the Congress to prevent the deportation of approximately 800,000 Dreamers. They also demanded a permanent fix for the DACA program, which is set to end on March 5, 2018.

House expected to vote on short-term spending bill

The members of the House of Representatives are expected to vote on a short-term spending bill on Thursday night. The continuing resolution will fund the government until January 19.

The bill included a $2.85 billion funding for CHIP and $750 million for diabetes programs and community health centers. It also included an additional $4.7 billion funding for ship repair and missile defense programs. The bill also extends FISA 702, the foreign surveillance warrant program.

In an interview with CNBC, House Speaker Paul Ryan, said, “We’re just bringing a clean, what we call vanilla CR — no games, no sneaky things. It’s as clean and simple as possible.”

The Congress has until Friday midnight to prevent a partial government shutdown.