Female Gun Ownership on the Rise


Other factors in rising female gun ownership include COVID shutdowns, the violent summer 2020 riots, etc. Amid the increasing social unrest, women are choosing to arm up and exercise their Second Amendment rights.

As more women across the United States purchase guns, there are also more female gun groups aimed at training women in firearm usage.

Bad news for the gun control crowd

Some of the common talking points of the gun control crowd are that guns are bad and guns need to be regulated and restricted. However, the rise of female gun ownership in America is very clear; it shows that more women feel empowered — not threatened — by owning a firearm.

As America heads into the 2022 midterms, many Democrat candidates are running on pro-gun control policies. This may not work out so well for them. With all that is happening in the world, gun ownership is rising, not declining.

As gun ownership and female gun ownership rises, Democrats’ anti-gun platform will continue to lose appeal. This doesn’t bode well for the gun control crowd; however, surging gun ownership is very good news for gun rights groups and pro-Second Amendment organizations.