Few Americans Believe Democrats’ Claims About the Inflation Reduction Act


The Democrat Party has been working day and night to sell the Inflation Reduction Act as a positive step forward for the country. Democrats argue it will lower costs, bring down inflation, and provide relief to everyday people.

Republicans, meanwhile, claim the opposite.

GOP members continue to note that a country cannot spend its way out of a recession or inflation. Republicans furthermore caution that if the Inflation Reduction Act passes, Americans will face higher taxes, lower wages, and more instability.

As all this plays out, recent polling shows Democrats’ messages about this new spending bill aren’t going over as well as they’d like.

What Americans really think of the Inflation Reduction Act

According to Economist/YouGov, only 12% of the country believes this new spending bill is going to lower inflation. Needless to say, that doesn’t bode well for Democrats who are looking to sell this bill as the second coming of Christ.

Moreover, 36% of Americans predict the Inflation Reduction Act will have the opposite impact of its name and actually increase inflation.