Fewer Registered Voters Are Interested in the 2024 White House Race


This November, Americans will once again determine whether or not Joe Biden or Donald Trump wins the presidential election. Both politicians faced off back in 2020, with Biden ultimately getting a win.

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Heading into this year’s White House race, polling indicated that most people preferred not to see a repeat of these same two candidates. In spite of this, Democrats who challenged Biden during the primary, along with Republicans who challenged Trump, did not ultimately prevail.

It is for this reason that unless some unforeseen plot twist emerges, Biden and Trump will once again go head-to-head in the general election. With this on the horizon, new polling shows a significant drop of registered voters bearing any interest in the race.

Here’s where the American people stand

Polling from NBC News confirms that merely 64% of registered voters logged themselves as considerably interested in the 2024 election. That’s a notable dip from the 77% in 2020.

This would seem to track with previous polling that revealed Americans didn’t want Biden vs. Trump 2.0. However, it also begs to question where these folks were during the primary races that determined which candidates would become the respective nominees.