Israeli Holocaust Survivors to Receive Payouts From Germany


On October 7, 2023, Israel was shaken to its core as Hamas invaded without warning or provocation. The Palestinian terrorist group continues to make clear its goal of completely wiping Israel off the map. Naturally, this puts the Jewish nation in an ongoing position of critical self-defense.

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Much of the Western world and other civilized countries have rallied around Israel, affirming the nation’s right to protect itself. Though Hamas’ actions over six months ago had global ramifications, triggering various protests and other reactions.

In Germany, the country’s leaders openly acknowledged the impact that Israel’s invasion had on living survivors of the Holocaust. To this end, the European nation has announced a new policy to help set things right.

What to know about Germany’s show of support for Israel

This week, the German Finance Ministry underscored that survivors of the Holocaust who currently live in Israel are suffering in very profound ways. To show support amid a war that appears set to carry on, Germany pledged €25 million to 113,000 Israeli Holocaust survivors.