Florida Constitutional Crisis – Partisan Politics Fuel the Fire



House Speaker of the Florida Legislature, Richard Corcoran has rapidly gained the reputation of being a champion for the fight against corporate welfare. Most recently, he is known for leading the charge among representatives against Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida, Inc., two public-private partnerships funded with taxpayer money. He saw to it that new legislation cut their funding considerably and did the same to the Lottery Department. In so doing, he has put himself at odds with Governor Rick Scott multiple times. Now, however, he’s targeting the Florida Supreme Court.

Corcoran now refers to the Supreme Court as the “enemy”—“the seven individuals who meet in private in black robes.” He and many other Republicans have taken issue with the fact that the Supreme Court forces them to wait on information for what seems like an inordinate amount of time. The court does not pigeon-hole itself with hard and fast deadlines but, rather, abides by their Latin motto that, when translated, says, “soon enough if done right.” They claim to focus, therefore, on being right more than being quick.