Florida Constitutional Crisis – Partisan Politics Fuel the Fire


Corcoran is among one of the most vocal supporters of House Bill 301, which was introduced by Rep. Frank White (R-Pensacola). He introduced this to the House saying, “Members, House Bill 301 requires the Supreme Court to send a report, a modest report once a year for five years and then it sunsets, asking about its performance according to its own time standard.” This time standard was set by the Court itself as 180 days within which they can be expected to render a ruling. These 180 days or six months begin on the date of oral argument, and White points out that the Court has stated in the past that it is their goal to render their rulings within this timeframe; however, he focuses on the fact that they typically miss the mark in this regard.

“They’re not hitting that [mark],” White said. “71 percent of the time in the last year they did not.”

The purpose of the bill, therefore, is to require the Supreme Court to report on their progress at annual intervals, which Republicans do not feel is too much to ask. They aren’t, after all, mandating that the 180 days become the end-all-be-all of Supreme Court rulings. They simply deem it necessary to hold the Court accountable for their time

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