Florida Ignores Medical Marijuana Law


Back in 2014, Florida Voters elected to allow medical marijuana to be produced and prescribed within their state.

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Apparently, the Florida Government has other plans.

In the latest legal challenge against the state government for failing to abide by its own laws, a Florida nursery claims that the Department of Health is dragging its feet with regards to issuing official licenses. By law, the Florida Government was supposed to issue at least 10 licenses by October – they’ve issued six to date.

The licenses would allow nurseries and treatment centers to grow, process and sell medical marijuana to patients suffering a multitude of conditions.

Bureaucrats have blamed the delay on litigation against the medical marijuana law.

The nursery, Bill’s Nursery, and a man suffering from seizures named Michael Bowen claim that the Department of Health is purposefully blocking patients from receiving medical marijuana in Florida.

In an official statement, Bowen said:

“In cases like mine, medical marijuana is literally the only thing that can control my seizures and keep me alive, but the Florida Department of Health’s inexcusable foot-dragging is keeping patients like me from getting safe, reliable access to these lifesaving treatments.”