Florida Moves to Legalize Constitutional Carry


In America, half of the 50 states have legalized constitutional carry. Under constitutional carry, covered state residents do not have to seek a concealed carry permit from the government in order to carry a firearm on their person.

Many conservatives have thrown their support behind constitutional carry. This has become a more intense issue as blue states work to tighten their gun laws and make it harder for lawful citizens to own, store, conceal, or carry firearms.

However, new developments in Florida indicate the state could become the 26th with constitutional carry laws on the books. If this happens, it will mean America becomes a nation where the majority of its states back the right to carry a gun without government permission.

A closer look at Florida’s efforts to legalize constitutional carry

On Monday, GOP state Rep. Chuck Brannan joined Florida House Speaker Paul Renner in submitting HB 543 before the state legislature.

Put simply, HB 543 would legalize constitutional carry throughout the Sunshine State. If this bill passes, residents of Florida will no longer need to apply for concealed carry permits in order to legally carry guns on their person.