Florida Restaurant Owner Bans Biden Supporters


As such, Ugarte has a very clear sign on her front door, indicating that Biden supporters are not welcome. The sign states that anyone who still backs the Biden administration need not bother themselves with eating at DeBary Diner. The message ends with “God bless America” and “God bless our soldiers.”

Ugarte maintains that after posting this sign, business is booming for DeBary Diner. The Orlando restaurant even had to shut down one day, due to running out of food from so many customers’ orders.

Unifying the nation

When Biden delivered his inaugural address back in January, he spoke about unifying the nation as president. However, Biden has failed to do this. In fact, Biden’s divided Americans who remain stranded in a hostile country run by the Taliban from their families.

This president has also pitted vaccinated Americans vs. unvaccinated Americans by implementing and backing COVID-related mandates. Biden’s shown more of a vested interest in stomping all over Republican governors than in bringing home Americans from Kabul.