Florida School Shooting Survivor Warns Congress: “We Will Vote You Out”

Florida Shool shooting Survivors Rally
Credits: AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser

The survivors of the Florida school shooting held a rally today demanding Congress to take action on gun control. One of them issued a serious warning to lawmakers if they refused to act: “We will vote you out.”

During a rally at the Florida state Capitol, Florence Yared slammed lawmakers who said that it’s too soon to talk about gun control. According her, “There is no better time that now to talk about gun control.”

She emphasized that someone else may also become a victim of gun violence if we wait. “Your children may become victims too,” said the Florida school shooting survivor.

Yared noted that if Florida had stricter gun control measures, “17 families will be having dinner tonight together instead of mourning the loss of their loved ones.”

Additionally, Yared said pointed out Congress is “directly responsible for every community that has people to gun violence.” It has the power to change the situation.

She warned, “If you don’t, then we will change you.  We may be too young to vote, but soon we will be able to vote. We will vote you out.”