Florida Storm aftermath: Elon Musk turns on Starlink


On Saturday, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida said that SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk was providing 120 Starlink terminals to “help bridge some of the communication issues.”

Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite-based broadband internet system. And it will aid the first responder hurricane rescue efforts by providing them with high-speed connectivity.

Musk has launched thousands of Starlink satellites to target areas around the world that lack reliable service. There are now more than 450,000 global subscribers. 

Earlier this year Starlink was deployed to aid Ukraine after it was invaded by Russia.  And last week the Starlink system was made available to Iran where the authoritarian government has blocked internet access because of the nationwide protests.

 Florida storm update

Hurricane Ian hit Cuba, Florida, and North Carolina last week. The Florida storm hit as a Category 4. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes to make landfall since weather events have been recorded. And cause catastrophic damage and death.