Florida’s Formidable Speaker of the House


In Corcoran’s view, these battles are being fought in the name of fiscal conservatism. About the proposed budget, Corcoran stated, “I can say unequivocally there is tons of things in this budget that need to be cut, should be cut and will be cut.”

Notoriously uncompromising, the House Speaker gave a preview of what to expect from the House in this year’s session, “For anyone waiting for us to slow down, to drop the big ideas, to stop shaking up the system, to cower in the face of attacks, or to cave to the demands of special interests, our message is simple: We will not.”

In today’s political climate, straight talk is king, and tough stances play well with voters, but Corcoran must not only manage the affairs of his own House. He will have to find a way to work with the Florida Senate if he is to accomplish his Constitutional obligation of passing a budget, much less succeed in any of his other fiscal priorities. Corcoran’s aggressive style wins him the loyalty of his chamber, but often causes friction with others, especially those who have their own ideas and Constitutional authority.