Florida’s Formidable Speaker of the House


In an institution that has long been recognized as leadership driven, The Florida House of Representative’s newest Speaker of the House is poised to take that approach to an unprecedented level. Richard Corcoran (R–Land O’ Lakes), has gone to great lengths to earn the loyalty of his followers and works hard to maintain it. With a passionate following of fellow House members, and frequent refrains about the value of sticking to one’s principles, Corcoran may be the strongest and most powerful Speaker in many years.

Amidst rumors that he has his sights on other real estate in the Capitol, Corcoran appears to want to keep his focus on his current job. “I’m going to be the best darn speaker I can be,” said Corcoran in an interview with CBS4 Miami’s Jim DeFede. For now, the outspoken, aggressive and sometimes combative Corcoran has enough on his plate to keep him from worrying about his next political race.

Corcoran is currently embroiled in a multi-fronted battle of his own creation. Fighting to cut funding to Visit Florida, and eliminate Rick Scott’s pet program, Enterprise Florida, Corcoran has also recently placed a target on the state university system’s direct support organizations, along with other quasi-governmental corporations.

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