Former Marine Reopens Barbershop Despite Washington Gov.’s Orders


Martin’s decision to reopen is supported by Snohomish County, the area in which he resides. As a matter of fact, Adam Fortney, the county sheriff, has confirmed his refusal to enforce Gov. Inslee’s unconstitutional orders. In turn, this decreases the likelihood of Martin facing legal penalties for reopening his business.

However, the former Marine remains prepared to keep his barbershop up-and-running, come what may.

In Martin’s own words:

“If they fine me, take away my license, or not renew it, I’m going to operate anyway. What are you going to do now? I don’t need a piece of paper to do what I’ve been doing for 60 years.”

A Pattern of Reopenings

Over the course of this month alone, more and more business owners have decided to reopen. The reality is that an inability to pay bills and support oneself are very real consequences of these shelter-in-place orders; conveniently enough, the governors issuing lockdowns continue to collect a check.