Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer Slams Recent Criticism of President Trump


Earlier today, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer pushed back against a recent condemnation of President Trump, according to The Hill.

An Overview of the Criticism and Spicer’s Response

Since the inception of Donald Trump’s Presidency, members of the Hollywood elite have clearly vocalized their opinions of Trump. Many rappers, artists, and actors openly express their disdain for the President, his family, and his administration. During yesterday’s Tony Awards, actor Robert DeNiro did not deviate from the prevalent trend.

He started off his speech by proudly professing, “I’m going to say one thing: F*ck Trump!” Of course, the Hollywood audience appreciated the grandstanding, which earned DeNiro a hearty round of applause.

However, Americans who exist beyond the Hollywood bubble were not as amused. As previously stated, one of the displeased Americans is Sean Spicer. Spicer previously worked as the White House press secretary before Sarah Sanders succeeded him.

Earlier today, Spicer shared his thoughts on DeNiro’s remarks during a Fox Business interview.