Former Trump Aide Questions Need for Daily White House Press Briefings


Therefore, conversations about whether or not the White House ought to continue tradition and hold daily press briefings has emerged. On Sunday, Spicer shared his thoughts in the following statements to C-SPAN:

I think that the press office should be available, as they are, to give the press responses and updates as to what’s going on at the White House, but I think the daily briefing is sort of worth re-examining. A morning gaggle and, you know, selected days where you do an on-camera one is worth it. But the briefing has become more of a show than an outlet of information for the media.

The former White House press secretary continued by then elaborating on his foregoing remarks:

I think we should provide the media on a daily basis answers to the questions that they have, updates to the issues that are ongoing. The time and effort that it takes to get that briefing going and what you get in return is not worth it.

Will Daily White House Press Briefing Persist?

The continuation (or lack thereof) of orthodox, daily White House press briefings currently remains to be seen. Since the inception of the Trump Presidency, Americans have weighed in with their thoughts regarding the aforementioned briefings.