Should Republicans Focus on the Economy to Ensure Victory in 2018 Midterms?


On Monday, an opinion writer for The Hill opined that the GOP ought to use economic strengths as a means to win in forthcoming midterm elections.

An Overview of Republicans and the Economy

Since the inception of former candidate Trump’s campaign for the Oval Office, one of his central focal points rested on the economy. From lowering taxes to increasing wages and bringing back jobs from overseas, the current President vowed to “Make America Great Again” by bettering the state of the economy.

Since President Trump’s time in office, jobs have increased, taxes have decreased, and workers have experienced wage bonuses. Many Democratic leaders have come under fire from conservatives for referring to the aforementioned bonuses as “crumbs.” However, according to The Hill, Republicans are still struggling to remind the average voters of the preceding economic gains.

The op-ed writer then goes on to state that scandals such as Stormy Daniels may be overshadowing the progress of the GOP and the Trump administration. Ultimately, The Hill affirms that in order to win midterms, Republicans must show voters that their party represents “the people.”