Former VP Joe Biden Weighs In On Congressional Immigration Conflicts


Last night, during a CNN interview, former Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on the current state of immigration affairs, as reported by Newsmax.

Biden on Congressional Immigration Conflicts

The former Vice President opined that a bipartisan immigration solution would be in the best interest of the Democrats:

If you had a wall that provided security that wasn’t an absolute waste of money — meaning national security and the technical means to protect it, and all these kids had a path to citizenship — I’d be inclined to do that.

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When CNN host Chris Cuomo asked Biden about President Trump’s “political victory,” Biden affirmed his indifference:

I don’t care about his political victory. That’s not how I view politics, whether or not it’s a personal victory or not.

The Fight for Immigration Reform

Republicans and Democrats remain at odds regarding immigration. As Democrats prioritize the plight of Dreamers, the GOP is pushing for border security and a chain migration halt. However, both sides are in strong disagreement about the best course of reform.