FSU must immediately suspend its football program along with Fraternities and Sororities


In the past few years, FSU quarterbacks have been accused of a range of off-campus misdeeds.  One was videotaped punching women in the face at a local bar.  Another was accused of sexual assault and stealing crab legs.  Now, yet another FSU quarterback is being accused of domestic battery.

Because the examples outlined above were limited to just the quarterback position, it is now clear that these men who are supposed to be the smart, team leaders have corrupted the entire varsity football program along with the tens of thousands of fans who have enabled their behavior.

Because of a clear cultural problem with the football team, President John Thrasher must now immediately and indefinitely suspend the FSU football team. In fact, he must immediately suspend all athletics at Florida State so that the depths of the cultural problem can be thoroughly plumbed.

The indefinite suspension means no practice, no contests, and the individual athletes are not allowed to congregate or speak to each other.