FTC ends deceptive marketing of Willow Curve low-level light therapy


In their advertisements, the defendants allegedly falsely claimed that Willow Curve is clinically proven to relieve chronic and severe pain, reduce inflammation associated with pain, diagnose, and respond to a person’s pain condition.

Additionally, the FTC alleged that the defendants falsely claimed that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the device for diagnosing and treating chronic, severe pain and reducing inflammation.

Furthermore, the defendants allegedly used deceptive “native” ads in marketing Willow Curve, disguising their ads as independent journalist content.

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“Defendants also have disseminated ads purporting to be independent news stories written by impartial journalists, discussing the health benefits of Willow Curve, including Exhibit E. Instead, a marketing company that Defendants hired wrote these articles, whose purpose was to promote the health benefits of Willow Curve and position Dr. Shapiro as an expert on pain relief, and facilitated such articles’ publication in various magazines and newspapers,” said the FTC in the complaint, “These articles closely resemble the non-advertising content surrounding them and are not identifiable as commercial advertising. The articles also are not identifiable as ads if consumers post or share them on social media or email.”