FTC Squelches False Claims for Deceptive Mosquito-Repellent in Aromaflage Perfume and Candles


Product and False Claims

A New Jersey company, Mikey & Momo, Inc., and its owners agree to settle Federal Trade Commission charges for false claims. It turns out the efficacy claims of the products are unsubstantiated and false. The charges are for deceptive claims to sell mosquito-repelling perfume sprays and scented candles. Per the FTC, the efficacy claims for the company’s Aromaflage products – marketed as “fragrance with function” are not supported by scientific evidence. Not only that, the multiple five-star Amazon reviews for the products are from one of the owners and other family members.

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FTC Ban On Future Misconduct

The FTC states that the company principals, Michael Fensterstock and Melissa Matarese Fensterstock may not engage in future deceptive conduct. Moreover, the owners must conspicuously disclose any material connections between a reviewer or endorser, for potential products.

“According to the complaint, the respondents violated the FTC Act by deceptively advertising their Aromaflage and Aromaflage Wild products, including skin-applied “botanical fragrance & insect repellent” sprays and “botanical insect repelling” candles. The sprays and candles contained blends of essential oils such as vanilla, cedar wood, and patchouli”.