FTC stops false claims that Isoprex is a “miracle” supplement for older adults

FTC sues Beam Financial

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stopped a Florida-based company from making false claims that its Isoprex supplement is a “miracle” cure for older adults with joint inflammation and pain.

According to the FTC, Renaissance Health Publishing LLC and its owner James DiGeorgia agreed to a settlement prohibiting the company from continuing to promote Isoprex with unproven claims.

In addition, the settlement requires the company and its owner to pay a monetary judgment of $3.93 million. The judgment is partially suspended after the defendants pay $100,000. The partial suspension of the judgment was due to the defendant’s inability to pay the total amount.

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FTC allegations against Renaissance Health and its owner

On April 15, the Commission filed a complaint against Renaissance Health and DiGeorgia for allegedly violating the FTC Act in connection with its marketing and sales of Isoprex.

In the complaint, the FTC alleged that the defendants used false and unsubstantiated efficacy claims that Isoprex can relieve arthritis, headache, knee swelling, joint pain, and muscle pain; rebuilds joints and repairs joint cartilage.