Holding China Accountable for the Rise and Spread of COVID-19


Over the past several weeks, the United States has been forced to grapple with coronavirus. Not only has COVID-19 claimed thousands of American lives, but reactions to the virus have shuttered our economy. As our nation seeks to flatten the curve, regroup, and restore our economy, we cannot forget the origin point of coronavirus.

That origin point would be none other than China.

The Chinese Birth of COVID-19

Investigations have determined that coronavirus first originated in a Chinese lab stationed in Wuhan. Authorities in China have since attempted to assert that COVID-19’s inception took place in a Wuhan food market, but let’s call a spade a spade. Not only did coronavirus originate in China, but the Chinese government also sat on the knowledge; in so doing, the virus spread around the world, into America, and has had devastating impacts.

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As such, President Trump and Republicans are rightfully holding China accountable. This entails the president warning of “consequences” if China knowingly sat on information about COVID-19. Last week, Trump also withdrew funding from the World Health Organization (WHO); this decision was prompted by the United Nations’ decision to trust China’s assertions about coronavirus without question.

On a similar note, Republicans aren’t hesitating to take action. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley recently introduced legislation for the Chinese government to be legally liable in civil claims court if they held back on sharing information about COVID-19.

Righting the Wrongs of the Chinese Government

Despite the awful consequences of the Chinese government’s inactions, we as Americans can still take steps to aid victims of coronavirus. Thus far, we have learned that the elderly and individuals who with pre-existing health issues are more vulnerable to the virus. Sadly, this has left many people confined to their homes, lacking notable social interaction.

One of the best ways to right these wrongs is by supporting the Meals on Wheels National Program. This program is especially great for older people who frequently cannot leave indoors due to coronavirus.

You can support the Meals on Wheels National Program by purchasing “Never Forget” COVID-19 bumper stickers here for only $6.99. When you do so, $1.00 from each sale will go towards this program to help the elderly.