BREAKING: ReOpen Georgia Protest Scheduled for April 24 at State Capitol


Opposition to coronavirus restrictions continues to mount. Protests are happening nearly every single day as Americans tire of a tyrannical government overstepping its bounds.

There’s a very clear reality here; the government has decided that they have the authority to force so-called “non-essential” workers out of businesses. What government fails to realize, however, is that every job is essential. Any job that pays bills, puts food on the table, etc. is essential to one’s livelihood.

This is why ReOpen Georgia is planning to protest on April 24, 2020 at the State Capitol. The protest will take place at noon and urge Gov. Brian Kemp to reopen the state of Georgia no later than May 1, 2020.

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ReOpen GA – Operation Gridlock: Everything You Need to Know

Details about ReOpen GA – Operation Gridlock are extremely clear, per the event’s Facebook page. On Friday, April 24 at noon, protesters shall convene at the State Capitol to push for a reopening of the state and remind lawmakers who they work for. Per a statement from ReOpen GA – Operation Gridlock, the group will not “roll over and watch passively as our livelihoods and constitutional rights are destroyed.”

A Facebook group page for ReOpen GA is also available. At this time, the page has over 20,000 members. In a description for ReOpen GA are details explaining the reasons for the need to reopen the state.

ReOpen GA notes the lack of warrant or sustainability for losing so many small businesses. Furthermore, the group points out that individuals who are more vulnerable to coronavirus can “[isolate] or [protect] in other ways” without ruining Georgia’s economy.

An excerpt from the group’s description reads as follows:

“We are residents of Georgia that stand for The Constitution and demand our officials Reopen GA no later than May 1, 2020. We are losing our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. The shutdown is not warranted, nor sustainable for our area.”

The Rise of Protests Against State Lockdowns

Georgia is not the first state to protest lockdowns and they won’t be the last. The reality here is that Americans are ready to get back to work. Governors and other elected officials will have to start listening to the people. Right now, elected leaders have lost the consent of the governed; that isn’t good and it’s a clear sign that shutdowns aren’t working.

Any government that fancies themselves as powerful enough to deem bill-paying jobs as “non-essential” has overstepped its bounds. Any government that decides to force people out of work needs to be reigned in. Americans are speaking and will continue to speak until shutdowns are lifted and people can get back to their jobs and businesses.